What keeps us up at night - MacaqueAndCheese (SleepyTimeStudios) (2024)

MK had escaped the scroll but he could never escape himself. Dark inky mist swirled around his trembling body, constricting him. Breath was stuck in his lungs, thoughts stuck in his head. “Oh MK~ cat got your tongue?” Glowing white eyes crinkle into a dark grin, contrasting with MK’s terrified grimace. The entity tightened around the boy's chest, earning a loud, pained, gasp from MK. The only thoughts in the boy's head were pain. Panic, desperation, and pain. It coursed through his soul like venom that had reached the bloodstream, threatening to end the young successors life if it reached his heart.

“St- STOP IT! STOP” the once mortal and squishy teen glitched, causing only more agony. Like a puppet with its strings dropped, MK lurched forward, stumbling and falling to his knees. Around him was only joyous, sad*stic laughter. He clawed at the inky mass, albeit unsuccessful in his attempt. Ink ran down his slowly becoming furred arms, ears pinning. “HELP”

Again that terrible laughter sounded, hands now finding themselves on MK’s neck, gripping tight, digging into his skin. “Oh sweet, sweet, MK. No one can hear you~” that one sentence caused more dread than anything in MK’s life ever had. The trepidation hung in the air like blood dripping down the walls, staining skin, hair, and clothes. The ink demon’s sharp fingers dug deeper into MK’s neck, now beginning to draw real blood from the oh so great ‘Monkie kid’.

The blood dribbled down MK’s neck, eyes locked onto the strange entity before him. The ink demon’s tail swayed constantly, a content hum escaping him. The freezing body of the dark force brushed against MK’s bloodied neck. “You will never win” His smooth voice lulled into MK’s ear, his head nestled into the crook of MK’s neck. An explosion of power shot through the brunette, throwing the ink demon back. Dark brown eyes watched was the form crashed through rocks, a large crack running up the center of the final stone before it fully split in half. The demon slumped back into the crack, the only signal of any left life being the jittering of a long dark tail. A paw was held against the wound on MK’s neck before the boy pulled away and glanced at his hand. It dripped crimson.

The mystic monkey took a step toward his tormentor. Face shadowed, body trembling from the relief of receiving air. A long muddy toned tail swayed as MK stalked forward. Slowly the golden energy around him increased, causing the boy to float just a little. Silence filled the dark abyss of the fight. MK continued forward. Each step echoed around the duo, but not a single step scared the curse. “Look at the little cub, does he think he’s something? I thought you were scared to be special” the demon tormented, rising to his feet as though he hadn’t been sent flying mere moments before. A step was taken forward, matching MK’s stride.

Abruptly the sensation of air in MK’s lungs was lost once more. The entity vanished from the brown simain’s line of sight, forming behind him. Dark inky paws grasped MK’s shoulder and back of his head respectfully. Insane Pressure was thrown into the ink demon's grip, throwing MK into the ground with that nice again sad*stic grin. Time seemed to slow down as the boy found himself crashing down. Closer he sunk to the hard ground. A scream ricocheted but it was unable to be pinpointed as to who exactly the noise was coming from. Terror bubbled in MK’s chest.

A sickening crack was followed by the only thing in the antagonized child’s sight being red. Dark. Sickly. Red. Blood seeped into MK’s mouth, causing the brown simian to wither and sputter in a panic. Throbbing torment latched onto his skull. The pain felt like he was ripping apart, a kin to the stone from moments before. The screaming continued to sound but from where…..? MK’s thoughts bounced around too erratically, too strongly, for him to even have a moment to question it. The Simian longed to move, to get away, but he couldn’t. Every limb felt numb, every thought slowed, every breath caused agony. He couldn’t see anything but horrific red. It stung his eyes, his tongue, his nose. The pressure on his back continued to push his skull into the ground and he couldn’t raise a single paw to fight back. A pathetic sob spilled from his mouth.

“You’ve killed Gods, MK! You defeated the Azure lion, destroyed Lady Bone demon, and look at you now? Too pitiful to raise a FINGER” another explosion of agony bit into MK’s form as the demon crushed his skull harder into the ground. This time he knew the scream erupted from his own aching lungs. The inky entity spoke the deepest truths that drowned in MK’s forsaken mind. Thoughts he distracted himself from. Thoughts he was afraid of to dwell on. The demon was always there to whisper them in his ear. He was nothing but a mistake. Red washes out across the ground. Any other feeling the great sage’s apprentice felt washed away with the crimson trickle.

Dark paws ripped at MK’s hair, gripping it roughly and pulling the boy up by the strands. Another howl of pain escaped the simian but he was unable to fight back. The demon was right. He couldn’t fight back. And it wasn’t just the pain's fault. He’d given up. MK’s red stained vision blurred as he struggled to breath, hanging limply in aggressive paws. The demon's tail moved to under MK’s chin, tilting his head up so he could look into his victims bloodied eyes. “You know it just as much as I do. Nothing you can ever do will make up for the sins you have committed. Nothing will erase your mistakes”

slowly MK felt himself slip away. Memories of everyone he knew, everyone he loved, played before his eyes. Every single one of them hurt at his hands. “Monkey king left because of you. Lady bone demon was released because of you. The samadhi fire, azure lion, the world is dying now, MK….. and so are you” The ink demon dropped him back onto the hard, unwelcoming ground. For a moment the only creature loomed over MK, his head tilted ever so slightly with that demented grin. The demon then turned away, his footsteps echoed with his laughter as he walked off. He had won.

Blood pooled around the brown simian, his form once again shifting into squishy and mortal. Fur replaced by battered and torn skin. His eyes looked up into the darkness before fluttering shut……




…………………………………. BEEP BEEEP BEEEP-

MK shot up, throwing his alarm across the room with inhuman strength. “Ow” he muttered, rubbing his sore forehead and neck before stretching. The nightmare had happened again. MK sighed before slipping out of bed to find where his probably demolished alarm clock had gone.

It wasn’t long before the door creaked open. The oh so great hero jumped in startelement from the sound, giving the newcomer a fright as well. “Haofkwkfjej MK!” Tang sputtered, concern written all over his face. The man continued to fret over the poor brunette, but all MK could watch was the shadows behind the door. Glowing white eyes locked onto him from the darkness.

“You can’t run from the things that keep you up at night, MK. They always keep running back”

What keeps us up at night - MacaqueAndCheese (SleepyTimeStudios) (2024)
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