Rumour: LEGO Horizon Adventures Is Reportedly Real, a 'Realistic' Horizon Game But with LEGO (2024)

So a kid friendly Horizon game even though it's teen? I would likely believe this rumour. The audience is so loyal or so casual focused on these of appeal they would. I myself find things like this to be 'cool' but also a reason I have left the 1st party releases. Is stuff like this.

Lego games with a spin is cool yes but I mean no matter the mature IP to make it more family friendly (which I have nothing against) or couch co-op fun for sure this would be of great. I hate them milking IPs because audiences are so limiting of possibilities with games being so bland or things like this a cross over wow we need more of those like no thanks and companies enforce it on us or audiences suck it up so the company responds with it. It's just sad.

To have a game they are a few years too young for. I mean sure but it's not like you can't have a swear filter or a less swearing script either or the themes I get are above a kid. But parental guidance is a thing oh wait. Or a game with yes less complexity sure but I mean jumping genres in Ratchet was complex yet more adult games for the time were very focused then all over the place of experimentation.

So I mean who really got the more complex games with different variety in it and yet prepared me for any genres I hadn't stepped into properly all from Spyro or Ratchet series among other games that were focused. Games these days are so dumbed down I just find it sad of themes, game design and more. The mechanics are just so basic I don't understand why. Or we have games for casuals like Assassin's Creed with their complexities of an RPG anyways besides their worlds appealing to a wide audience yet GTA 5 felt like the most clunky thing I'd ever played yet people get past it for the things you can do in the series because controls don't matter if they are just everything else to most people.

So for easy to play games I do question studios and audiences actual appeal or ability to play games.

What laziness on Sony's part to 'get them while their young and make them buy the teen/mature version, and watch the tv show, and milk it more and more and more'. What a joke. Actually offer family friendly IPs for families, and games we people into animated films in our later years (like myself) would also buy and support like we did many Japan Studios games or Sackboy/Ratchet/Modnation/many others of the past but no 'lets milk our teen/mature IPs to make them family friendly'. What a disappointment.

Sony wants those safe sales. I mean it's not like I won't support companies I buy up many family friendly games. I did and want to buy all their PS1-3/PSP/Vita games. I experienced both but not every one does that I get it. But I mean I like the Nintendo variety and buy up either regardless of demographic because I care about the game design/genre and I enjoy them a lot.

Microsoft HAS variety but they just don't hit the same way. I still buy them to collect though or do actually care about some of them. OG Xbox/360 more so many I never heard of and have enjoyed then Xbox One where the second party deals were better than the 1st party that gen but I still buy the 1st party games (not Series though not really as many misteps there no thanks, the good are good, the bad are just disappointing, sigh Forza Motorsport 8 why did you have to have bad marketing hiding things and bad game design).

Even then I remember seeing an article or photos/videos with some young girls being happy about the 2017 original game and I mean why wouldn't they Aloy is a great female protagonist/role model character. But at the same time. Is a few years waiting that much of sales Sony NEEDS to get from customers.

I played Star Wars games as a kid but yes did get weirded out by Resistance Fall of Man or COD as rightly so. I just happened to see what they were like, I didn't play them like many did GTA as a kid. I over came that years later of course but still. I played Ratchet games with no understanding of the adult jokes but yet those games were for 7 year olds. They had their tough moments. I played Gran Turismo 3 when I was 4 I didn't get the career mode structure till years later I don't remember when. The people in QA were kids. Yet the games were like all ages movies of the 2000s then things changed over course over time.

I mean Indy movies to Lego made sense because of the way the themes/certain scenes are let alone they are long films and as good as they are I still find them kind of too long but this. It just screams desperation of sales. I mean can we have a Muppets Horizon too next as well? I'm not even into the Muppets (respect them) but still.

But the Star Wars films to Lego or other Star Wars game existed.

I get they want to push IPs to many audiences and even at a younger age their MATURE/TEEN IPs but what about Sackboy/Ratchet and Clank, what about the other IPs they had in the past, just dump them I guess they don't care about them the way many of us that have played or explored a lot of PlayStation IPs over the years have enjoyed them or will for the first time when collecting the ones we missed out on.

I get they already messed Ratchet up and old fans question the series (or really enjoyed Rift Apart, I didn't it felt safe, not hardware pushing correctly and felt like God of War 2018 like with the your old but mentoring their alternative dimension counter parts. Like no thanks Sony I'll pass I didn't need to be told that when I played Nexus they didn't do it then, I don't now. I don't take kindly to nostalgia from Indies for pathetic games neither do I AAA) or the game didn't sell well but I mean just try harder or are your studios to outsource a family friendly game to not possible or a new IP not possible so milk the ones that work but make them family friendly.

Why not make a Horizon LEGO tv show at this point. Like stop milking IPs give us something ACTUALLY compelling for once.

But even still to me a REALISTIC LEGO game is why I always get confused. I haven't cared for the formula in years and even then Skywalker saga was too 'we have changed the format but we added more walking' and I'm like uh why?

Like to explore areas they could do before with Complete Saga or the PS2 versions sure I get that but more 'nothing' was just dumb.

Not to mention I like LEGO environments like we got with the bonus areas with the Lego City levels of those games not the actual level environments. But we get realistic backgrounds. Do something exciting I mean nothing like rendered plastic environments sometimes. Not just plastic looking art styles.

I get it's putting the Lego set characters like a kid playing with them or the characters actually going on the adventures but I just find it distracting more and more.

I like some fiction to it you know.

Rumour: LEGO Horizon Adventures Is Reportedly Real, a 'Realistic' Horizon Game But with LEGO (2024)


How tall is LEGO horizon forbidden west? ›

Step into the world of Horizon

This 1,222-piece LEGO set is over 13.5 in. (34 cm) high, 9 in. (23 cm) wide and 6.5 in. (17 cm) deep, and was created in collaboration with Guerrilla, the game studio behind Horizon Forbidden West.

What number is the LEGO Horizon set? ›

Build the ultimate LEGO® brick model (76989) of the most iconic Horizon machine in the Forbidden West: the Tallneck.

Why are legos so expensive? ›

The precision manufacturing process ensures that Legos fit together perfectly, enhancing the overall building experience for users. Additionally, the extensive research and development invested in designing innovative sets that cater to various themes and interests also adds to the cost.

Is Forbidden West bigger than Zero Dawn? ›

How big is the Horizon Forbidden West map? As the above picture indicates, backed up by the video below, the answer is very big! Horizon Forbidden West has a larger map than the one from Horizon Zero Dawn, as the developers have confirmed in interviews.

How tall is LEGO 75313? ›

Measuring over 24.5 in. (62 cm) high, the vast interior has enough space to store 40 minifigures and 4 speeder bikes.

How tall is Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West? ›

According to this Horizon wiki, Aloy is 5'6, so slightly shorter than me in reality.

How tall is LEGO Horizon Zero Dawn Tallneck? ›

Model name‎Horizon Forbidden Vests: Tallneck 76989
Model year‎2022
Item dimensions L x W x H‎26.2 x 38.2 x 9.4 centimetres
Item weight‎0.3 Kilograms
17 more rows

What size is the Horizon Forbidden West figurine? ›

Size: H 27.3cm x W 27.2cm x D 24.2cm approx.

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