Pasta With Collard Greens and Onions Recipe (2024)



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Joe Napolitano

This is a great staple I make often. The greens can be substituted with anything on hand; escarole is traditional, but kale or chard are great too.
While sautéing the onion (shallot can be used too) add a splash of dry white wine.
To really make a meal of it I add a can of white cannellini beans.
Top with fresh parsley, black pepper and plenty of pecorino Romano.


Excellent suggestion to add cannellini beans. This recipe could be renamed "CSA Box Pasta", because it provides a delicious use for the abundant amount of greens we receive in our box each week.


I must say, this was one of the most enjoyable pasta dishes I've had in a long time. It was so light and very tasty. I wouldn't change a thing other than experiment with different types of pasta. I did add a drizzle of olive oil on top of the dish once the Parmesan was on. This was really quite simple and didn't require too much time.


My second or third time making this recipe and tweaked it some. I added white beans and a splash of white wine as others suggested, doubled the onion because my batch of farmers market collards was enormous, and lastly, added some agave syrup at the end when I found the collards still slightly bitter. Fantastic dish, both earthy and delicious.


Followed my instincts and stewed the greens and onions a lot longer than the recipe called for, then finished by combining the greens and pasta in a hot pan and reducing with olive oil, lemon juice, a hit of white wine and pasta water. Result was beautiful, bright and just a little creamy. I can't see tossing it all together and serving it after 15-20 minutes; there's no way those greens are done.


Added a couple tablespoons of yogurt to make for a richer sauce, quite nice


This is one of my favorite dishes! It’s great as I, but I usually switch the onions to leeks (because they’re amazing), and add pine nuts at the end for protein. So good!

Theresa SF Bay Area

This was fantastic with butternut squash ravioli. Wow.


I make this often with collards, kale, or a combo of greens with chopped tomato or 2 to add more liquid when with onions are cooking.Also very good over rice or cooked grains.


This is probably the lightest pasta dish I've ever eaten, and it's absolutely delicious. For the pasta, I used red-lentil penne, which I bought from Trader Joe's. It gave this dish a shot of additional protein and allowed the subtle lentil flavors to come to the forefront.


Me too! But it would also work without them. Soo good!


Exactly why I found this recipe!

condiment queen

High satisfaction to effort ratio. Cool collards for 10-15 minutes.

Ona Colasante

When the collard harvest is huge, I blanch and freeze them in ziplock bags. Martha Rose Schulman is my favorite cookbook writer. This is one of her many practical, delicious recipes that utilize what I grow. But her palate is too sensitive for me--I add MUCH more in the way of seasonings. And (as my Italian father said), "You never have too much garlic." Go for the cannellini beans, add some oregano, and use all your fresh garlic. I tossed these collards with home-made cavatelli--wonderful.


We enjoyed this. I cut recipe in half for just two. I used a leek instead of onion, and homemade chicken broth instead of water to cook the collards. Otherwise followed exactly. Served with Alison Roman’s parsley and fennel salad and nice Italian white wine on deck. Lovely!


Also, I sautéed some chanterelle mushrooms from the farmers market and put on top. Nice addition!!

Allyson Smith

Delicious. I added mushrooms that needed to be used up, but this would be delicious with or without that addition. Thank you for this wonderful recipe!!

Ken in Boise

As others have noted, a perfect, delicious recipe to use CSA greens…collards, kale, what have you. Adding some toasted pine nuts on top after plating provides a satisfying crunch. Tonight’s dish was also enhanced with a teaspoon or two of cranberry salsa macha….more crunch and spice! This is one of our favorite summer dishes.


I like this recipe. I am a devoted collard green lover looking for a different way to enjoy my collards - using pasta was perfect. Simple, easy-to-execute recipe; I added a few favors, like two types of gluten-free pasta and sweet tomatoes. I plan to experiment with this dish using different vegetables, fresh herbs, and protein.


Used chicken stock instead of water & pasta water( simply, I forgot to save it), which was just fine.It was delicious with BBQ’ed salmon. I made them twice already. Simple & tasty. Perfect.

Vicki K

great "home cooking" type dish that comes together easily. Added some leftover ham and used 8 ounces of pasta which made it a hearty main dish. Crushed red pepper keeps any blandness away. Definitely a keeper!


This has been a family favorite for years. We sometimes add a dab of anchovy paste while the collards are cooking. Delicious either way.


This was really good, def longer than 35 minutes. Made w/ a few modifications: blanched the collards for 3 minutes, layered and put in the freezer to cool. Didn’t squeeze out the water, to keep nutrients, or add water when cooking. Doubled the garlic and red pepper flakes. Also added the white wine vinegar and chicken broth, as recommended. Cut up most of the stems in .5” pieces and added to the pasta water during the last few minutes. The 8oz of penne was more than enough pasta.


I thought this was fine. It was an easy quick weeknight dinner.


I follow the recipe exactly and have prepared it many times. Easy and delicious!

Jo B

Very good. Added sausage (with onions). Needed a bit of sugar and added a bit of wine.


So good! I added cannellini beans as suggested by others, plus a squeeze of lemon at the end. My only in-house pasta was orzo & I was a bit skeptical, but ended up great. Next time I’ll use 2 bunches of collards. Re: cooking time - followed recipe & didn’t need extra cooking time for greens & onions.

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Pasta With Collard Greens and Onions Recipe (2024)
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