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Sun Wukong had a little problem.

It's been two weeks, and he thinks he may actually go insane.

"Hey! That is not food!" Wukong desperately tried to pry the pillow out of the baby's mouth, but those little fangs held on tight, jaw apparently made of freakin' steel!

This was the third time this week, and Wukong had tried– multiple times, mind you– to give the little one the chew toys for babies he gotten the kid. But unfortunately, the little one preferred to rib all the new pillows he had gotten. Almost like he was spiting him. How cruel.

"Come on, buddy." Wukong groaned gently, finally prying the soft fabric out of the baby's mouth. He sighed in relief when he noticed that those little fangs hadn't ripped the pillow open. Unlike the other poor pillows that the little gremlin got his hands on.

"How many times do I have to tell you that the pillows are not toys, huh?" Wukong said, huffing as he chucked the pillow on the far side of the bed so that the little baby couldn't grab it again. Baby, in one hand, he leaned back against the wall, setting the baby on his chest. All he got in return was a sinister giggle.

"How mean." Wukong chuckled, sticking his tongue out at the boy. Two tiny hands grabbed at his nose.

"Aah!" The baby babbled, and Wukong rolled his eyes.

"Don't back talk me, mister." His hands gently tickled the little ones' sides, causing the baby to squeal and giggle."You little pillow eater!" Wukong laughed, seizing the tickling as he let the baby lay down on his chest, tiny hands gripping his fur.

So yeah. Sun Wukong, the great sage equal to heaven, had two problems.

One, this little one kept tearing up his pillows.

And two,

He found that he really didn't care. The kid could tear up his sofa, and he would act as if it never happened while he bought a new one. How is that a problem? Well, Wukong was getting attached.

It had only been two weeks, and he found himself wondering when life had ever not felt this way. Warm and cozy. Like a hot summer day with Popsicles and staring at the sunset, watching the clouds.

It felt like a dream. A beautiful, lovely dream. Every night, he would stay awake, humming soft tunes from memory from many years ago as the baby would cuddle against his chest and doze off to his soft songs. Every morning, he would watch the sun rise through his window, a tiny little guy cooing in his sleep before Wukong would get them both to the kitchen to munch on some type of fruit, preferably peaches and mangos. Every afternoon, he would watch the little one coo and babble at the other monkeys of the tribe. They would all chirp and fawn over the little guy. And every night, he would play silly little games with the child, holding a toy in the air as the little one rolled around, reaching up for it and babbling angrily when Wukong would deny him the toy but ultimately give in and let the infant grasp it.

It was a routine at this point, and Wukong didn't like that. But he also loved it at the same time. He felt complete. Well, as complete as he could get with a hole in his chest, that would never go away for the rest of eternity.

He snorted when a tiny hand smacked his cheek. He looked down at the infant and raised a brow.

"Hey! That's rude." He said, grinning. The baby couldn't understand and kept patting and smacking his face continuously. He gently lifted the baby into the air.

"You hungry, bud?" He asked, feeling his own stomach rumble. It was around lunchtime anyway! So, they might as well eat some food. The baby just tilted his tiny head in confusion. It made Wukongs smile widen. Can this kid stop being so darn cute?

As he sat up, the baby held between his arm and chest. He walked out of his room and into the kitchen. He grabbed a bottle and a thing of formula. He learned that babies, even if they weren't really human- still needed milk from time to time since they were so young. Checking the temperature in the way he definitely did not learn from a parenting manual, he put the liquid into the bottle, using his tail to keep the baby steady against his chest as he did so.

Once done, he sat on his couch, bottle in one hand, infant in the other. He held the bottle up to the babys mouth, who instantly started drinking, two tiny hands gripping the sides as Wukong held the bottom to keep it up and from falling and spilling.

It almost felt normal to be doing this. Every day, he learned something new, whether that be formula or how the kid was starting to try and crawl already. It was all so surreal, yet so confusing.

He began to hum as he wondered about what he should do first about the seal and about... her.

He knew a lot about power like this, but not enough to know exactly what to do about it. But, he did, in fact, know two people who knew more information than he did on seals and how they worked.

He just had to figure out which one would yell at him less.

Once the baby was done, he set the bottle down and gently placed the little one back onto the floor. The tiny baby slowly rolled around, giggling and trying to get his tail as he began to tie the sling back around his shoudlrs and back. He snorted, lifting his tail up higher so the little one couldn't reach.

"Nope. Im not risking you biting my tail again." He laughed as the baby tried to reach up and grab it.


"Alright, bud! All good to go!" Wukong said in triumph as he fastened the sling to his chest. He'd just changed the little one and put him into the pink pajamas he had gotten. And placed him into the sling, holding him to his chest firmly.

Every other day, after the first time going back to Megapolis, he visits Pigsys noodles. And do far, it's been going better than he expected. At first, he hadn't taken the "Come back anytime" offer seriously. He barely even considered it. But after a few days, he went anyway and found that each time, he became less and less nervous. It didn't help the fact that he yerned to be around them. Yearned to know who they became.

And now, for the last two weeks, every other day, he and the infant would go and visit the two men and eat their dinner there. Pigsy almost never made him pay, but Wukong always made sure to pay even though he was rarely reminded. Tang started saying that Pigsy had two favorite guests now before being smacked with a spoon in the head.

With how much they bicker, Wukong couldn't help but love just how friendly and comfortable they were together. He almost wondered how long they knew each other.

As he flew off on his cloud, child to his chest and hood up to hide his features, he hummed his tunes as they flew down to Megapolis.

Once they got there, Wukong walked down the streets and opened up the shop door.

"Aww! There's my favorite little guy!" Tang cooed, coming up to them instantly. The man grabbed the little one from the sling on Wukongs' chest, lifting him up into the air. The baby giggled and babbled at Tang.

"Look at you! So cute!" Tang laughed, sitting down in his seat, holding the tiny infant. Wukong rolled his eyes.

"Oh wow. Replaced already. Little traitor." Wukong said, sticking his tongue out at the baby who met his eyes and giggled.

"Hey, you two." He then heard, turning his head, he saw Pigsy standing there, holding a bowl of noodles and a plate of food.

"Oh wow, I didn't even order yet." Wukong grinned. Pigsy just set the bowl and plate down, motioning for Wukong to sit on one of the stools.

"You never order anything different."

Wukong could feel his tail wag a little as he spoke.

"What can I say? Your food is just that good." He chuckles, turning on the stool to face Tang and the little one. Tang is kissing the little ones cheek, cooing at him when the baby giggles.

Holding out his hands a little, Tang glances at him and chuckles, handing the infant back to him. Wukong settles the baby into the sling, grabbing his chopsticks. He scoops up some of the food on the plate, holding it up for the baby to munch on.

He doesn't notice the two men looking at him with soft smiles as he feeds the infant. He doesn't see them give each other a look and silently laugh to themselves. Until, Pigsy speaks, leaning against the counter.

"So, got a name for him yet?" The pig asks, handing Tang another (free) bowl of noddles. Wukong shakes his head.

"No. Not yet." He says, not looking up as he focuses on feeding the little one. The infant eats the food, causing a mess on his face that Wukong silently wipes away with a napkin that Tang hands him.

He then focused on eating his food once the baby was done, tail swishing behind him. And just like every time, he absolutely loved the noodles. He ordered two more bowls before Pigsy ended up telling him that he was going to have to charge more if he kept doing that.

"Harsh." Wukong said, pouting. A giggle interrupted him. When he looked down, he saw the tiny infant reaching up for his face.

"Aww..." Tang said, a mock tear rolling down his cheek. Wukong rolled his eyes at him. "He adores you! So cute!" Tang said as Wukong shook his head, lifting the baby and letting him grab at his face.

"He's just curious."

"No way! He adores you." Tang huffs, almost like he can't believe he said that. Wukong hums, closing his eyes as those tiny hands grip his hair, not tugging, but just holding on tightly.

"No. He's just a baby... he'll learn that I'm not all..." Wukong pauses, opening his eyes and meeting those little golden ones. "I'm not someone to adore."

He misses the way Tang and Pigsy share another look, frowning in concern.

Wukong may be someone who's adored by many. But no one knows who he is as someone. He's not a good person. He's not someone to look up to. Even if he parades around with a smile on his face, every day, he relives his mistakes in his mind and wonders if he's destined to keep making mistakes. To keep hurting the people he loves. And if he could spare this child from ever living through his mistakes, then that'll be enough for him.

"Ahh!" He hears, blinking. He meets eyes with the tiny infant.

The baby grabs his nose, tapping it. Wukong chuckles and moves one of his fingers to tap the baby's nose. Which causes the little one to sneeze.

"AWW!!" Tang yells, covering his mouth when Pigsy smacks him over the head with a spoon. He laughs into his hands.

"That was the cutest thing I think I've ever seen!" He squeals, dodging another smack of the spoon. Pigsy groans in annoyance, going into the kitchen to begin cooking some orders.

Wukong chuckles at their antics. Oh, how wonderful it was to see them act so differently with their new lives.

"It is pretty cute." Wukong says, tapping the baby's nose again. The little one sneezes and giggles, tapping Wukongs nose.

"He's been trying to crawl lately." He says, and Tang looks at him with wide eyes.

"Really!? That's wonderful! And he's so young!" Tang says in awe, moving to sit closer to Wukong.

"Yeah..." Wukong mutters, knowing that the kid isn't really a human, so him crawling early makes sense. But they don't know that.

"I wanna see!" Tang begs, tugging on Wukongs sleeve. The action makes Wukong smile widely.

"Okay, okay."

"Pigsy, get in here!" Tang yells, and the pink pigman walks out, sleeves up, holding a spoon.

"What?" He asks as Wukong gets out of his seat to kneel down on the ground and gently place the baby down on the ground. The baby rolls over to his back, giggling and reaching out for Wukong. He chuckles, shaking his head.

"Roll over on your tummy, buddy." He says softly. The two men watch with awaiting eyes as the little one slowly huffs and rolls back over with the help of Wukongs hand under his back.

Wukong backs up a little to give the little one some room. He holds his hands out. Smiling at the confused baby. He moves his hands in a "Come here" way.

"Come on, bud. You can do it." He says softly, sweetly. The little one just stares at him for a moment, tilting his tiny head. Wukong motions with his hands again, and the infant slowly lifts himself up on wobbly baby limbs, "That's it. You got this, kid." Wukong beckons him over.

The infant giggles and looks at his hand.

"Oo!" A tiny hand reaches up to try and reach that awaiting hand. Wukong shakes his head.

"I'm all the way over here. You have to come to me, bud. You can do it. I'm right here." He whispers, wiggling his fingers. Those golden eyes look at him. Before slowly and unsurely, the little one doesn't look away from him as he moves his his arms and legs, slowly crawling before he slips and stumbles a little. But he manages to catch himself.

Wukong rolls his eyes at the worried gasp that comes from Tang.

"One more time. You almost had it." He encouraged. And the baby starts to move again, this time without fail. He crawls his way over to Wukong, and once in front of him, he sits down, giggling and reaching up at him.

Wukong smiles brightly, picking up the baby under his armpits, and he holds him in the air.

"Good job, buddy! I'm so proud of you! You're so strong!" He says in pure joy. He brings the baby close, letting the little one grab his face and giggle so happily at the praises Wukong gives him. He can't understand, but he knows it's good. He playfully tickles the baby's cheek with his tail, causing the baby to squeal. Those tiny hands leave his face to grab his tail.

He looks over to see Tang and Pigsy smiling and quietly clapping their hands.

"Okay, that is pretty cute." Pigsy says, grinning at Wukong. Tang nods.

"He loves you! That's so cute, oh Pigsy hold me!" Tang wraps his arms around the other who had come around the counter to watch more easier. Pigsy rolls his eyes, patting the man's back.

"You two are so weird." Wukong laughs, now waving his tail in the air as the little guy reaches up, giggling and trying to snatch it.

And soon, he has to leave after around an hour of talking to the two men. He could call them his friends, but he won't allow himself to. He picks up the now sleeping baby, lifting him into the sling and standing up. He looks down at the kid, rubbing his back.


He groans. He can't become more attached. He can't let himself. He doesn't want to end up hurting the kid. His brows furrow, and his tail slightly puffs up.

You'll only hurt him.

You're not his dad.

Don't make this harder than it has to be. Just find out how to work the seal and leave him. He's better off.

He flinches when a hand finds his shoulder. Tang smiles at him, squeezing his shoulder.

"You're doing just fine, Monkey King. You're a great dad." He says kindly, and suddenly, Wukong sees his master.

"Don't doubt yourself. Do what you think is right. As long as you try with everything you have, everything will be fine."

His master said one day after Wukong accidentally went too far while fighting a demon.


With his mouth feeling dry and his heart cracking all over again. "You know..?" Tang chuckles, and Pigsy walks up to them, and they both nod.

"Of course we knew. It's not every day you see a man with a tail and the exact face of every cardboard cutout walking around." Tang laughs, wrapping his arms around the sage. Wukong sighed, tears filling his eyes as he closed them, placing his head against Tangs shoulder.

"Of course," Tang pulled away, a proud look on his face. "I knew before Pigsy did! Since I know a lot about you!"

"But either way." Pigsy interrupted, patting Wukongs back.

"This kid is in good hands. He obviously adores you. Don't let that go."

Wukong let's out a soft puff of air. Reaching up, he pulls off his hood, almost relieved that they know. Of course they would know. Even if his disguise was awful. He was glad that he had them. And, of course, they would see his unsettled gaze and try and reassure them.

He let out a soft laugh.

"Must be disappointing...huh? Knowing that this is what the great sage turned out to be." He motioned to himself. His tired eyes and the sadness engraved into them. Despite his cheery attitude, he was exhausted. He was beyond tired. Tang frowned, shaking his head.

"Nonsense. I feel like the you I see now is better than the picture most paint. And I want you to understand that just because you're the Monkey King, that it doesn't mean you have to be the Monkey King all the time. You can just be yourself." Tang laughed. And then he gasped softly in surprise when Wukongs arms wrapped tightly around him.

In a quick moment, he had handed the kid to Pigsy, who was glad to hold him before Wukong hugged Tang. And Wukong laughed as Tang squealed and hugged him back just as tightly.

"Am I dreaming!? Im hugging the Great Sage equal to heaven right now! Oh my gosh–"

Tang was practically bouncing up and down. Flushed bright red. Wukong pulled away after a moment and laughed, head going back as he let out a strong, honest laugh.

"Seems I got me quite the fanboy, eh?" He nudged Tangs shoulder. Pigsy laughed, too.

"Trust me, im pretty sure he's your number one fan. Tells me all the stories about ya." Pigsy chuckles. Tangs face is beat red, and he quickly covers his red cheeks with his hands.

"Pigsy!" He groaned. Embarrassed.

He looked down at the kid. He wasn't his dad. He would never be. But... he could ask for advice since they knew who exactly he was. He sighed, looking at the two.

"We need to sit down and have a talk. I... need some advice."

They both gave him a confused look. The Monkey King, asking for advice? Unheard of. But they all sat back down, Pigsy sat on the right of Tang while Wukong sat on the left.

He slowly began to explain the situation to them. Saying that this kid isn't his. That he found him near Flower Fruit Mountain, in a basket, abandoned. Then he gave that a moment to set in before he explained that the kid wasn't human. He was another Celestial monkey but had a seal that Wukong didn't know how to remove placed on him. Hiding his true form. And he told them who exactly placed that on the infant.

"So, wait. This lady–" Pigsy started.

"Lady Bone Demon." Tang corrected.

Pigsy nodded, "The Lady Bone Demon... placed a seal on the kid for some reason, and you're saying you can't remove it?" Wukong nodded, wincing a little. He should be able to, but it's too complicated. He wouldn't know where to start.

The only way for him to effectively remove it right now was by force, and he couldn't risk hurting the kid, so that was out of the question.

"Basically." He confirms. Tang taps his chin.

"Are you sure you can't remove it?" He asks, raising a brow. Wukong nods once more.

"I'm sure. I can't risk hurting him."

"Okay, well," Tang looked at Pigsy, then back at Wukong. Glancing at the baby sleeping peacefully against his chest. "What's your plan, then?"

That was a tough question. Wukong didn't really have a plan. Sure, he had the idea of going to old acquaintances and asking them for help. But both of them hated his guts. He could ask higher up celestial beings, but he didn't feel like opening up any cans of worms just yet. No one at the moment in the celestial realm really liked him right now. Sure, he's changed, but right now... He was more, tolerated, at the moment. He knows they would likely tell him to figure it out on his own or mock him for finally asking for help. He couldn't have that. So, he really had two options.

Risk it with asking for assistance from the two people who hate his guts.

Or, he could find a way to do it on his own. One option was better for his ego.

But... the other was better for the kid.

And he had to do something right for once. So his ego could suck it up.

One person was more favorable in asking for help. Not because they were more likely to actually want to help him, but because they were cleaver and could at least learn how to dwindle the seal if anything. The other would probably attack him first and ask questions later. And he would understand. But in order to make sure the kid wouldn't be harmed...

He had to go with the nicer choice.

The first option it is then.

"Actually... I have one idea." He says softly, a determined look on his face. Tang lights up, stars in his eyes.

"Ohhh!! I can't believe we're about to help the Monkey King on his mission!" He clasps his hands in excitement. "I feel like I could faint!" He sighs, clapping his hands a little.

Pigsy shakes his head, rubbing his temple.


Wukong chuckles nervously.

They talk for a long while, and when they finally figure out a plan, Wukong let's out a soft laugh as he leans forward in his seat a little.

"Now, since you're such a story guy, tell me what your favorite moment of mine is?" He asks, and Tang practically becomes a beam of joy, instantly beginning to tell his favorite story of the Monkey King.

And oddly, it's shocking how accurate he is.


Leaving the shop, he had a better understanding of what he was going to do. He waved goodbye to his... friends.

As he walked down the street, he felt as if he had finally made the right decision for once. He knows what he's going to do, and he knows how he has to approach it with ease. He couldn't just go in and demand help. He had to tread carefully and with caution. Unlike when he was much younger and immature when he would run around demanding things be handed to him, he has (at least he thinks he has) matured more in the last few hundred years.

He's grown. And he has to make sure the person he's going to knows this.

Soon, he stops by a park. Noticing how parents are playing with their children, how they chase them and push them on the swingsets, or hold their hands out to catch them from the slides. He takes in the sight of the trees and the small leaves falling to the ground. He takes in the sight of the rain clouds above his head and the way the parents slowly take their kids away, going back home with their young ones.

He takes a deep breath. And a flash of purple floods his mind, the image of his old friend appears. He looks just like he used to. Both eyes gleamed so brightly, the scarf that is around his neck flows behind him, like a cape. But most of all, he's standing ahead, holding his hand out.


Oh, so patiently waiting.

Wukong knows it's just his imagination. But he wants to reach out. He wants to grab that hand and tell him he never should've made him wait.

That hand is still held out, a smile and soft eyes awaiting for him to finally make a choice. He wanted to apologize and hold him. Never let him go and promise a million times over to never let him go ever again. That he would never make the mistake of not hearing him out.

"Foolish Wukong..." he whispers as the wind softly howls.

"I wonder if you'd ever forgive me for what I've done to you, Mihou..." Wukong whispers to the now empty park. He'd been standing there for a while. Hoping, praying that this imaginary sight wouldn't leave just yet. He got no response, no movement or even an acknowledgment of his words.

He knows he would never be forgiven. Who would forgive him? No one ever would.

But maybe he had a chance to change things with whom he was going to visit tomorrow. He hoped they would hear him out. They were always reasonable when they felt it was needed.

Yet another person he betrayed the trust of. But now he hoped that maybe, just maybe, he could try and change things between them. It would be nice to be their friend again. He just had to get them to try and understand. That even if they hated him still, he needed their help for the kids' sake.

He couldn't let this one moment go to waste. The sage needed to convince them that he had changed. Maybe not as much as he'd hoped, but enough that he hoped it would convince them to listen.

He sighs, lifting a hand to feel at the tiny raindrops that have begun to fall in his mindless endeavors. The image is gone now. Wisped away in the silent light of the streetlights and the soft wind. The wind brushes past his face, urging him to head home.

He summons a cloud and jumps on, gently rocking the baby back and forth as he sits on the cloud. The sage wipes away his tears.

He couldn't think about the past any longer. All he could do now was think about the future and how to make sure this kid was safe and unharmed. And to make sure that whatever that Witch was planning would not come to light.

He had to stop being an idiot and mature. He had to own what he'd done and accept that he couldn't do anything but try and do right by others now.

And suddenly, as they slowly reach their home. Wukong looks down at the kid, and he grins as it finally comes to him.

"Hi, Qi Xiaotian." He whispers, running his fingers through the infants hair. Not the best name, but to him, it was perfect.

"Xiaotian..." he says again, leaning down to nuzzle his nose against the top of the infants hair.

He'd take this time with the kid now and cherish it.

Even if he knew that someday, he'd have to let him go. For his sake.

Once he made it home, he walked inside the little hut, seeing some tribe members sleeping on his couch with their young and others sleeping in the little hammocks on the ceiling. He smiled fondly.

He walked into his room and untied the sling, holding Xiaotian with one hand. He dropped the sling onto the dresser, getting into the bed and laying Xiaotian down beside him, he gently wrapped his arm around the kid, his palm gently holding the back of the infants head, his tail curling around himself and the infant.

And as he closed his eyes, he inwardly winced.

It was going to be a long week. He sighed, knowing that he had to follow through with the plan tomorrow.

He still doesn't sleep, and during the night, he opens his eyes and watches Xiaotian sleep, tiny hands gripping his tail. Wukongs brows furrow.

"Don't worry, buddy... I won't let anything happen to you." He pauses for a moment. But he decides that no matter what, he won't break it this time.

"I promise."

Little Star - Chapter 3 - One_last_Idiot1 (2024)
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