Chapter 2 The Ten Worlds (2024)

by Andrew Brown

What does it mean to achieve Buddhahood? I have been throwing that phrase around, saying how ae can unlock that potential that is so easy the seven-year-old dragon princess can do it? Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment while sitting under a Bodhi tree. In the Hours before he came to the realization he was Buddha, he was still the same person, he just didn’t have the answer yet, but once he figured it out he could maintain it. He is not two different people, before he was an ordinary human the lesser self, after enlightenment you become a Buddha or The Greater self, the physical form doesn’t change, the mind and its perception of things is what changes, he could perceive things as a Buddha for what they are, because things are in constant flux, nothing is static, he could become enlightened the highest state of consciousness.

The fact everything is in flux, constantly changing, a Key Concept in Buddhism is The Impermanence of all Things, meaning no matter what, nothing is permanent, nothing, EVERYTHING is undergoing a cycle of existence and nonexistence, creation- destruction, because nothing is permanent, ANYTHING can change.

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When you act in accordance with a Buddha, with compassion and kindness, you are acting with your greater self. When you act selfishly, or carelessly, as the ordinary human being, you would be acting with the lesser self. Becoming a Buddha doesn’t mean transforming into something else, Its transforming your attitude and how you interact with the universe, it’s Mystic in the way it works but it’s not Magic, we can become Buddhas and work to change our Karma, it’s still a process that takes time to unfold. If we enter the State of Buddhahood and see through the eyes of the Buddha, you can see your Karma in a certain way and see the steps needed to Change it, you have the confidence of Big Papi in the bottom of the 9th inning, or Larry Bird taking a last second shot, to make changes to your life to become what you dream of. There are Nine other states of consciousness or we call them worlds, that you could be perceiving your Karma through, you’re whole life you have been unaware of the Ten Worlds and how they work.

The Ten Worlds of being explains different states of emotional well being with Buddhahood being at the top, the highest state of being, the feeling of serenity understanding and Absolute Happiness, that can’t be ruined no matter what. Buddhahood is the top of the chain, Hell is at the bottom. Hell is a feeling of Hopelessness, Depression, Fear, whereas Buddhahood is Hopefulness, Happiness, and Courageousness, the opposite of Hell, and there is a progression, the remaining eight fill in everything in between. The Ten Worlds in order of lowest to highest 1:Hell, 2:Hunger, 3:Animality, 4:Anger, 5: Humanity, 6:Rapture, 7:Learning, 8:Realization, 9:Bodhisattva, 10:Buddhahood.

There are the Ten Worlds, each one is unique with its own characteristics that can explain currently how you feel, or your current state of consciousness. Becoming a Buddha doesn’t mean you become something special, your problems solved, you’re rich, no it means you access your Greater Self, tap into your Higher consciousness, facing whatever obstacle, whatever your Karma is, accepting it and changing it. Enlightenment and Karma are deeply personal. The Ten Worlds are a sliding scale that you travel up and down, it takes conscious effort to enter the higher worlds, depending on how “Heavy” your negative Karma is, it pulls you down into the lower worlds. Having a lot of negative Karma is like having a lot of Spiritual Baggage that weighs heavy on your Heart, it effects your emotions and causes a personal suffering, BASD are universal and everyone experiences, but Karma and States of Consciousness are individual. Buddha can tell you about the LS and how great it is but its up to you to experience the enlightenment for yourself, you become the Buddha and expunge the negative Karma in your life not ask the Buddha to expunge it for you. The Coach can tell the players what to do but it’s the Players on the field who execute, and BB will always give credit to the players who put the forth the effort.

What I am going to talk about next is what is means to awaken your Buddha potential, because you were unaware of your Buddha nature we say you were living in a deluded state, now that your inner potential has been awoken you are “WOKE” as the kids say today. I used the example of Neo from the Matrix and his sublime control over his environment as a metaphor for Buddhahood, and just like in the Movie “If you take the Red Pill you stay in wonderland and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.” Enlightenment, a Buddhas awakening is like taking the Red Pill and seeing how deep your Karma runs and your connection in this Gigantic Universe. The incredible fantastic descriptions in the LS feels plausible when you chant NMRK, and raise your life condition to Buddhahood whenever you want, and face the most dire consequences say Cancer, a Sickness, not everyone gets Cancer but it’s certainly plausible and we do what we can to avoid it, and face something like Cancer with a Big Smile, changing your Karma so you won’t get Cancer in your next life. Identifying what world you are in is crucial, therefore you can make the changes, and gives me a chance to use science to explain Buddhism, Science is also the search for truth.

I’ll explain what each World is in our Spiritual Kaleidoscope, and how to Identify which world your conscious resides in and how it changes once you identify it. According to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal or the Indeterminacy Principle, is that it is impossible to measure the exact location and velocity of a particle, because any type of Observation of the sub-atomic particles will effect how the particle will behave, and sub-atomic particles will exhibit both the characteristics of a Particle or a Wave depending on how its measured, because its impossible to measure accurately, but the ACT of Observing the particle changes its behavior. I am Grossly simplifying the work of Albert Einstein and Werner Heisenberg and other great physicists who even dare to contemplate this, but Subatomic particles are the Basis of Everything in the universe, and A Buddha who examines the universe is a type of Physicist if you think about it. You can only experience one world at a time and at any given time and the world you’re in can always change, even by thinking about it. Like when you think about Breathing and all of a sudden you become aware of your breath and can’t start breathing on your own again, panic attack anyone. When you chant NMRK your mind can really “zone out” and connect to the universe and think about this stuff, I thought of Boston’s Karmic connection through Sports. Why am I talking about Uncertainty Principal, The Ten Worlds work in a similar way: a World consists of a group of emotions you are currently feeling, and like a particle when you examine what world you are in Through the LS, NMRK, and the Eye Of The Buddha you exert an influence that on that World and Changes it. The World is Emotions, and If you are taking the time to think about them specifically “The World” you are in, and how your feeling, you are Changing Karma, by Actively Thinking about how your feeling in relation to what World you are in Because you are thinking about it in terms of the LS you are using your Buddha Nature.

Basically I just told you the entire secret, just by thinking of what “world” you are in you are intrinsically using the LS because you are thinking of your feelings or Karma in terms of What World you are in. The Act Of Observation of your mind, Nichiren wrote about it and Ill get back to this exact phrase later, but what I was saying The Act Of Observation Of what World you’re in you are using the LS and using your Buddha Nature to take an Honest look at yourself, tell the truth it becomes part of your growth. It isn’t nice to look at yourself some of those worlds sound sh*tty, they are again 1:Hell, 2:Hunger, 3:Animality, 4:Anger, 5: Humanity, 6:Rapture, 7:Learning, 8:Realization, 9:Bodhisattva, 10:Buddhahood. It isn’t easy to admit you act like an Animal, or are Angry, but it takes that self-Observation and self-acceptance of Your Karma to begin to be able to change Your Karma. If you Observe your Life-Condition, using the Lens of the LS, the Eye Of The Buddha, you tap into Buddhahood instantly, the way a sub atomic particle reacts when its observed, as soon as you use the LS you are using your Buddha power. It is uncertain what World you start in your Karma created in previous lifetimes manifests as uncertainty in your life now, but according to Nichiren, once you start using the LS you become a Buddha, that is certain.

I keep going on about Sub-Atomic Particles like electrons because the measurement of the particle and an accurate identity its impossible because just looking at it changes it, just using the LS make you become a Buddha, is the first similar part. Second thinking about what world your in is creating Karma through your thoughts, thoughts are just tiny electrical impulses in the brain. The way the Brain works is far too complex for me to understand, how thoughts are stored, is it like a hard drive? Who knows? Bakatari went to a Traumatic Brain Injury Class after losing his Drivers License and look at all the Concussion studies in the NFL, the way the brain works is mystic. Your thoughts create Good karma if you are using the LS, and those thoughts are created by Electrons in your Brain creating memories, coming up with solutions to problems, on the subatomic scale in your head. Back in my grand old High school days in 1995 they said it would take a computer the size of 1940’s computer with todays technology, to duplicate the human brain, like IBM’s Watson who knows what they can do now. The power that is in your Brain is amazing, and tapping into your Greater Self, your Buddha nature, does IMO connect you Sub atomically to the universe at the smallest microscopic scale, that’s where your Karma starts to change from thoughts in your Brain, they grow from there and radiate out into the Macroscopic universe, Fractals work the same way and when we get into the Oneness of Nature it’s a whole new set of science that proves Buddhism. Boston is a city of Knowledge where the complex ideas of Physics can be discussed with Philosophy Like Ancient Athens or Alexandria but in the Modern Age On, “On the Shoulders of Giants” everything that had come before.


The Four Lower worlds together 1: Hell,2: Hunger, 3: Animality,4: Anger are known as The Four Evil Paths. The Four Evil Paths plus 5: Humanity and 6: Heaven or rapture, those SIX are called, get this, The Six lower Worlds, or The Six paths, and they all are greatly related to your Karma and External Circ*mstances, and its easy for your LC to drift back and forth between these Six worlds. The Top Four 7; Learning, 8; Realization, 9; Bodhisattva and 10; Buddhahood are known as The Four Nobel Worlds. While It is easy to drift around the Six Paths: The Lesser Self, it requires effort to reach the Nobel Worlds: The Greater Self. There is generally one world where your personality resides or gravitates to subconsciously in the Six Paths. Practicing the LS to live as your Greater Self and have your subconscious reside in a Noble world, specifically Buddhahood all the time, is what Being enlightened and being a Buddha is all about.

The highest state of Consciousness and the Ten Worlds is Buddhahood, and that’s what we work towards and Aspire to. Hell is the lowest state as mentioned it was the opposite of Buddhahood in that it is characterized by feelings of Despair, Depression, Hopelessness, Fear, Anxiety. The idea of Hell in Buddhism and the Context of the Ten Worlds, Hell is right here and its how you feel all of the feelings of suffering and despair. Being in the World of Hell is the Lowest existence, Depression, real clinical depression, where people Isolate themselves from the world, maybe sleep all day, or self-harm to the point where they work their way up too Suicide. It takes lots of Effort and Practice to elevate your life condition to that of Buddhahood, Conversely to be depressed and give up on yourself, life and future, is easy, It’s easy to not do anything to help yourself. The weight of your Karma will constantly drag your Life-Condition LC down, but by examining why you are depressed, you can work off the Bad Karma and Raise your life condition.

Depression is more common than smoking nowadays, maybe smoking actually helped, no f*ck you Big Tobacco, anyway everyone is depressed. Both Smoking, Nicotine Intake by Vape, and Anti-Depressant drugs are a multi-billion-dollar industry, pop a pill and your depression will go away. Taking a pill might affect the chemicals in your Brain, but it doesn’t address the underling causes of the depression, is it your job, no money, drug habit, no place to live, getting out of Spiritual Hell requires working towards getting yourself out. People in modern society don’t want to work to get themselves out, it’s easy to be a Victim and blame why your depressed on everything but YOUR own Karma and pop a pill to take care of things, but the True Reality is that, Your Karma is responsible for your Life Condition and you can climb up this LC ladder.

Bakatari never admitted he was depressed before his rehab but he has been suicidal, he thought depression was for puss*es and he wasn’t a Bitch, Suicide was honorable, that’s what Samurai did. It is not honorable Suicide is Stupid, His nephew killed himself when he was 15, but it ends your life early without addressing the negative Karma that you brought with you into the world of Hell in the first place. If you are in Hell and kill yourself, you miss the chance to Change your Karma in this lifetime and will have WORSE Karma in your next life due to the fact you wasted this opportunity, and created more Bad karma that will continue through time just like everything else, you can fix it now. If you believe the LS, Your Karma is what you take with you Lifetime to Lifetime, and why not change it when you have the chance, “Why put off what you can do in the next lifetime, Today!” Samurai committed suicide over Honor for their “Lord” or Leader of the Region, they believed they were doing it for a higher purpose, which is foolish and the samurai didn’t value their lives. Had Bakatari committed suicide because he was in Hell, he was depressed over his weight, problems with his co-workers over it, money problems because of drugs, he would have worse Karma in his next life because he didn’t do anything to change it.

Hunger or Hungry Spirits

World number two is the world of Hunger or Hungry spirits and is a world where you are ruled by insatiable cravings and desires, the most obvious is the Hunger for drugs, but it applies to Money, Status, Power, Love. As a drug addict, Baka’s mind was always occupied with how to score more drugs, in this Unenlightened, deluded state, A good portion of Energy went to filling his cravings for drugs, Those cravings are ALL an addict will think about, in some cases you Physically feel it, AN Opioid Problem, Heroin, Percocet, Fentanyl, you become trapped in in the world of Hungry Spirits, it’s the ONLY thing on your mind, your consciousness is trapped, and then you feel depressed about it and slide back into Hell. You are thinking with your Lesser Self.

In Hindsight a drug habit is an obvious manifestation of what it means to be trapped by Hungry Spirits, and that’s all that consumes you. The reality is that in the World of Hunger it could be ANY Unchecked or Uncontrolled Desire, that often manifests as addiction or greed. While you’re on drugs or in the delusion getting them, that’s the only thing on your mind, You are thinking with your Lesser Self, on one of the Six Paths. If you are using Hindsight and Observing your Behavior using the LS and your Buddha Nature you are thinking with your Greater self thus Raising your life condition, but Maintaining your Greater Self takes work, and may only last as long as you are observing your behavior. When you are back on the street there are a whole new set of battles. A Swan is a common symbol in Buddhism because although it may look like it is Serenely, and Effortlessly, glides across the water, beneath the surface it’s feet are paddling like mad.

The Hunger may also manifest as greed, and an insatiable desire for wealth and material possessions. It is a popular misconception that to be a Buddhist you have to give up all possessions and give up desire to reach enlightenment, that’s why people think Buddhists are Guys in robes looking for donations. That isn’t practical for Everyone, you can be Hungry to provide for your family, You need a certain Desire to want to win and be Victorious, you need a certain Hunger for enlightenment, you need a way to survive in the modern age. You can use your Hunger for the right reasons it becomes cause for enlightenment. If Baka were to keep giving in to addiction and getting high, going back and forth between Hell and Hunger, he would still be in the cycle, stymied in that limited states of mind, he falls into this trap often, His Karma wouldn’t change, and if he were to OD, he would never be able to change his Karma. But Looking Back as a Buddha, he can appreciate the fact he is still alive and can change his Karma still, the negative cause of his addiction, becomes a Source of Enlightenment, only after using the LS, chanting NMRK.

Not all addictions are bad, as with everything, its how you handle things from this point forward, you can look back and see the mistakes you made and fix them, accepting your Karma for what it is. When it comes to addiction, you cannot see the hole you are digging until you stop digging, when people say Hindsight is 20/20 don’t you want to smack them, because of course looking back you can tell how you were f*cking up, but as your digging your hole you don’t see it. The metaphoric “Hole” we are talking about can easily manifest as an actual Grave if you don’t wake up from the Delusion. Bakataro was lucky enough to wake up from his delusion, is has been protected to share this LS and wake others up from their delusions. He understands what the addict mind is like, and is turning the Bad Karma of his insatiable Hunger of drugs in my life, into enlightenment. All Action creates Karma and nothing is wasted in Buddhism and as long as you’re a Living Human being, you can Always Change your bad karma into good, losses into wins.

Animality The World of Animals

In the World of Hell you have no drive, a drive to end your life maybe but not much more, in the World of Hunger you are driven by unhealthy cravings. In the World of Animals you are ruled by Instinct, like an animal as the name implies, the Law of the Jungle mentality, only looking out for yourself and will do what is necessary to get by. Animals don’t have morals they just act out of their base desires, Ste aling from one another, Males Rape Females, Packs form and they attack others. Animals might not feel “depression” like humans, but some studies show monkeys and dolphins mourn the loss of members of their groups, but they will work to feed their desires for sex and food and just take it where they can, they live in fear of getting killed, the strong prey on the weak, no way of planning for the future, and the anxiety of not knowing how you are going to make the next moment, that is how an animal lives. Never expanding their consciousness beyond these lower worlds As a Human, you can experience these lower Worlds and enter the Realm of Buddhas.

Because you only One world manifests at a time and they are constantly shifting around, The Hunger for drugs may Cause you to go steal from an easy target, prey on the weak to get whatever you need, then you might feel guilty about it afterwards or ashamed of your behavior you end up depressed in Hell. That’s a pretty simple common scenario, it creates negative Karma through each step, there are plenty of chances to change Karma over that time but you don’t, so you remain stuck in place, stuck in the mud. Enough smarts to get a little Hustle on, selling enough drugs to maintain a habit, you see the Kids on Mass Ave, “The Methadone Mile” they stuck in this trap, Street Urchins, La Cucarachas, and they can’t see any way out, they get depressed and take a “Hot-Shot” and commit suicide, never changing their Karma.

Lives of animals are short sure it varies from species to species, some Live longer than Humans like Turtles and Birds, others their lifespans are only one year, one cycle of seasons, or less and that’s their individual Karma to be born as they are, some Rare and Endangered, Insects too. Some their environments are so dangerous their existence is basically make babies and become food for others, they are part of a food chain, and other animals feed on them, they never have a chance to learn about anything beyond that. Living day to day chasing drugs, doing what you need to do, gets depressing, lot’s of addicts have children, and they overdose early never changing their karma, and creating the bad karma in their kids lives of having a parent die because of drugs. It is Rare to be born a Human, and what separates us from animals is out intelligence, and opposable thumbs, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is Actual Proof of the long term of cause and effect. Whatever adaptations animals have, or unique abilities to survive their particular environment, are the effects and have been built upon Lifetime after Lifetime and what we are lucky enough to be born a Human and even be able to think about this stuff. Animals might be perfectly adapted to fit their particular environment, or migrate to keep up with their environment, but they cannot permanently change their environment, and they were forced to change to fit their environment, over millions of years.

There is nothing wrong with living like an Animal if you were born an Animal, but their whole existence is based on their environment, but they cannot make any meaningful changes to change their Karma or environment. Luckily you are born a Human and survived all the Dangers of life, think about all of your friends who fell victim to living like this, and can not only separate Yourself from an Animal but become a Buddha, and make meaningful changes to your Karma and environment. There are Millions of Species of living animals that Pop in and out of existence all going through the process of Birth Aging and Death, their life spans might be so short they don’t get sick, and if the do get sick they most likely Die, So being a Human Being Born a Human, there isn’t much that separates us from Cavemen.


What separates the world of Anger from that of The Realm of Animals that animals act out of instinct to feed their base desires, they don’t care for the consequences. In the realm of Anger, a Self-awareness emerges, Ego, Pride, and Arrogance, something animals don’t possess, but elevate other Animalistic instincts, like the need to show off their strength and dominate others, in ways Animals just will never be able to. Our intelligence and ability to communicate is what makes us human in the story kinda like the lesson in the story of Adam and Eve Eating the Forbidden Apple of Knowledge, and once they ate it they became self-aware and ashamed of their nakedness, animals aren’t afraid of being naked, but this gave them a new perspective on their being. Even though Adam and Eve were in Eden, their minds were in Hell, their location didn’t matter. I don’t mean go all Genesis, but I’m comparing the Self-Awareness, the activation of the ego, it is the most Basic step separating us from animals. I use this example because most people know Genesis. The Story of Adam and Eve lets believers Blame women for Tricking mankind with this EVIL Knowledge, All of a sudden they were Wicked and getting kicked out of the Garden, sorry Bhaanned from the Gahdehn, in the best Mayor Quimby voice, no we all do have sh*tty accents. The Ego created Arrogance to where they knew better than God and did what they wanted, only afraid of the consequence after becoming Self-Aware.

Hell, Hunger, Animality, Anger together are known as the Four Evil paths, The addition of Ego brings a level of intelligence so you can work for yourself In effect the lesson of getting kicked out of Eden into the real world forces people to work at their most base level. Even according to The Bible the Descendants of Adam and Eve ended up being Wicked and God “drowns them in “Noahs” flood, they Had self-awareness but were “evil” people. People take The Bible so Literal and God is Infallible, but his “First attempt” at creating Humans was a Failure, in That Adam and Eve didn’t listen to him, then secondly he had to Kill off their Descendants and flood the planet and only save some animals. The lessons are the key. People can easily live full “successful” Lives ONLY with these four paths, they might have money and material success but the states off consciousness and behaviors associated while living the Four Evil paths will not lead to happiness.

The Realm of Anger is very selfish where the person only cares for themselves, does that sound like people today? The Four Evil paths is a very Shallow existence, only four sh*tty worlds, but is the way most people live, Society, Advertising, projects an Image of what is “Good Looking” and it makes people compare themselves and judge other people. Anger isn’t just “Arrrgh I’m mad at you I’m gonna punch you!” It’s the advent of Ego where comparing, yourself to others creates an arrogance towards them, a need to dominate them, or If they can dominate you, instinctively roll over and let him sniff your balls. With today’s Social Media, people just want to show off their wealth, show people and their good times, there is a need for them to show they are doing well, Pretty girls take Heaps of selfies and Buff dudes do as well. There is an arrogance to comparing yourself and how many likes you get, verses your rival and leaving nasty comments on their photos. When you see people acting like that what do you think? Oh, that person is shallow, they can do a job of surviving, but their lives don’t have much meaning and they are always searching for meaning through others approval. In todays society it can take a sh*t ton of money look good, go to the gym, eat healthy, look at the cost of TB12 meals or shopping organic, cheap food is unhealthy, Everybody is connected to the internet so the Ego makes them ashamed of how they look, or how much money their family has.

I used to listen to Wu-Tang Clan Enter the 36 Chambers and Jay-Z 1, 2, &3, and they are success stories of surviving the Urban Jungle selling drugs, shooting people if you have to, they were telling their experience through rap, and up until they had a few albums out, they were living along the four evil paths. Fifty-Cent and Get Rich or Die Trying, these songs are Anthem of the Streets, what it means to be Ghetto Fabulous, Money, Fame, Power, Bitches, Guns, Drugs, working to be King of the Block, getting rid of anyone in your way so “you can get yours”, and after they get theirs and get rich, they want to leave the Ghetto to where its safer and make things better for their families. It’s a risky world and they are Lucky, and worked hard to make it as far as they did, but those success stories are few and far between, the Karma they create doesn’t go away when they get money Biggie Smalls said “Mo money Mo Problems” and he was shot. Some do turn their lives around and make good causes for charities and using their celebrity to give Back to the community, but much of the time celebrities come and go, drugs win, Money doesn’t mean Happiness. Kurt Cobain commits suicide, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Junior Seau, Robin Williams, all suicide. Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, her Daughter, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Philip Seymore Hoffman, it doesn’t matter your life condition will always get dragged down, like gravity but there’s always a chance to make a better choice.

I use celebrities when I talk about Anger because Jealousy and Arrogance are Sneaky Angry feelings, and that’s what a good portion of Rap songs are about, how they are the Boss, How Much they Shine and Floss, look at how much they got, They have money to burn while poor schleps like Bakatari is busting his hump. He’s not writing a rap about his life’s battles, he’s writing a book, but in the meantime while he is poor. This music has a habit of making him jealous, wanting to take the easy way, sell drugs, rob people, steal from drug dealers who are “Shining and Flossing” too much, f*ck it they can’t call the cops, I want to “Be The Boss” too, and short cuts just create more Bad Karma in the long run. Living along the Four evil paths, you are committing evil deeds in terms of karma, and probably criminal acts as well, unfortunately the LS isn’t Magic and isn’t a shortcut to fame and fortune but does offer a mystic protection if you use it.

Look at the Jealousy thrown at the Patriots, But Also the Arrogance of the…FANS, probably thought he was going to say Coach BB, yeah He has a reputation of being Arrogant, which is just Bullsh*t made up by haters. TBPH Boston Fans can sound like douches, winning goes to our head Look how much we have run 28-3 into the Ground, yeah they blew a Big Lead but so did the Yankees in 2004, The 2010 Boston Bruins blew a 3-0 game lead to the Philadelphia Flyers people forget about, The Golden State Warriors should have taken care business, credit to Cavaliers TEAM for fighting back. We should appreciate the fact that the Patriots overcame 99.7%chance of losing in the third quarter and not rub it in Atlanta’s face, we could keep acting angrily and beat this dead horse into the ground like f*cking Deflategate jokes, Get it, or act kindly, get over it just like we want people to get over Deflategate. Matt Ryan Played QB at Boston College its good if he does well, he can recruit for BC, their Defense was equally at fault. Can you name three players from their Defense? I can’t and I just watched them lose the Divisional round to The Eagles in Jan 2018. People wanted a Falcons Patriots Rematch, they lost but We might get an Eagles Pats SBXXXIX(39) rematch, or Play the Vikings which would be a Home game for them the most Hostile of a crowd you could get. Ill find out before we finish this book. Spoiler alert we got the Eagles rematch and lost in SBLII(52).

It has been said BB is so f*cking Arrogant because he Pushes the rule book and uses it in ways nobody else has before, Seriously? How Dare Him? Just because Another coach doesn’t see the way a rule can be used, like when to shift a Lineman and make a tackle eligible or something similar, Coach BB saw the benefits of it and how to benefit the team. It is similar to Buddha attaining enlightenment. The rule is the same it was just a different way of looking at it, the other coaches are pissed they didn’t think of it first, BB has been here a long time, just building and building on his knowledge, wins and experience all piling up. If you listen to his press conferences and people ask him to compare teams he gives answers like paraphrasing, “this team is totally different from the previous teams I can’t compare them, each one had strengths and weaknesses.” He is absolutely right, he cuts it right down the middle, sees each one for what it is, BB worries about the Next fight, Past teams are in the past, It is a very Buddha mentality Buddha Belichick. It was thoughts like that that made me think of The Buddha of Belichick and the more I heard him talk the more his approach seemed like it was Buddhist, he takes things this point forward, injuries are part of the game and in like “its week 10 nobody’s fresh as a daisy” as he said. A very realistic attitude, it’s not an arrogant one at all, He just speaks out, working for something bigger than himself, the Team, he always does what’s best for the team. It radiates out to the region; every game gets overanalyzed and bitched about by people that have no control over any part of what happened on the field, us fans on Sports Talk Radio. BB doesn’t react to gossip and only speaks for himself, he doesn’t speculate on how other people feel, he always deflects questions about other people. Do Your Job, Your Job, Personal responsibility, that’s the basis for what BB coaches, and the Buddha Coached too.


Hue-Man-A-Tee (5 Golden Rings) no whatever, the fifth world the Realm of Humans halfway to Buddhahood, now we are getting somewhere, breaking away from the four evil paths and becoming a human being. Its not a coincidence the seven deadly sins mirror the behaviors of the Four Evil Paths.1; Sloth and Sorrow are Depiction of Hell, 2;Guttony 3;Greed is the world of Hunger, 5;Lust is Animlity, 5;Pride, 6;Envy, and 7;Wrath are all part of the World of Anger. Those types of behaviors create bad Karma, Stepping off the Four Evil paths into the World of Humans, is like a neutral level, your not happy your not sad or angry, you’re just kinda there in existence, like a rock, but rock that can change. The Similarity with Christianity is if they are saying Don’t do these behaviors and start acting like a decent human being. The Neutral Level is The World of Humans, when you feel really happy say after a SB win, you are in the Sixth world of Heaven.

Heaven, Rapture

Not to Rush Through Humanity and jump to Heaven but they are related because the Four Evil Paths suck, Humanity and Rapture together make up The Six Paths, and that is Truly what the majority of people, who don’t seek enlightenment live. Humanity is a Neutral world where you stop acting like a sh*thead and feeling happy, The World of Rapture or Heaven is the Temporary Happiness you experience, its not a Permanent happiness which is what enlightenment is. It is all a state of mind, Most Importantly the state of when your temporary shell ceases to function and you die, the state of mind when you die, helps determine how you are reborn. The majority of people who haven’t learned about Buddhism have lived Generations living getting through with nothing but the Six Paths, but all your feelings along the Six Paths have to do with External Circ*mstances and you are at the mercy of them. You can go from depressed because you are broke, hit five-hunned on a Scratch Ticket, that’s what we call them in New England, and you’re in heaven, when the money is spent your back in Hell.

Buddhists don’t believe in an “afterlife” we believe in The Next life, what’s the most important game the next game, the next fight, the next play, the next pitch. Heaven and Hell are Emotional States that you Face right here on earth, you could say Addiction is Hunger, and could scam enough people to get money Animal, and just hooking up with a gram of Dope would put you in Heaven, then be back in Hell because you have to do it all over again the next day. Not Everyone is a POS like Bakataro, Athletes generally have strong faiths and have made the right causes to put them in their positions, it takes hard work to reach the professional levels of sports, and if they continue to make the right decisions and work hard they can keep working.

Aaron Hernandez had everything Big contract, great talent, football smarts, Tom Brady’s Trust a Big thing, and chose to make the wrong causes and threw everything away. He grew up in a culture Steeped in the Four Evil Paths, Violence, Power, Money, Status, Respect all important parts of what’s important to them, the same culture Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls, Wu-Tang and Dr.Dre all are from, they are giving you a window into what real life is. Just Because that was how he grew up, he couldn’t see his Karma for what it was, weather he was on drugs or not, but he still made the choice to shoot Odin Lloyd, he was found Not Guilty of the Murders of Safio Furtado and Daniel D Abreau, yeah he probably did it but reasonable doubt, Jay-Z. Aaron Hernandez got his big contract and went into Mr. Robert Kraft’s office and made a Large Donation to the Myra Kraft Fund, knowing he was already a murderer, he could be so deceptive, while having what seems to be everything. If Aaron still brings around friends from his old hood, he is bringing his Karma around with him, it makes it harder to make the right changes, but not impossible, there are plenty of other athletes who came from similar backgrounds but make efforts to change.

Aaron Hernandez was found guilty of the Murder of Odin Lloyd but had an appeal of the verdict filed, and after being found Not Guilty of the other Murders he Kills Himself in his cell and because he had an appeal filed, his previous guilty verdict was Vacated so on the books, he was never found guilty, leading to a fight over money in court. Aaron knew of this Arcane Law and possibly killed himself to set up his Daughter and baby Mama with is contract, no verdict no felony, He may have thought he was doing this for the greater good, money for his family, but it still creates Bad Karma. His Daughter has the Karama of her father being a murderer and committed suicide, he won his other case and who knows what the appeal would have done, His death ends any chance HE has to change his Karma. We are using the lesson of Aaron Hernandez and how he wasted his life to Teach About the LS, therefore the Negative actions he made and the Bad Karma he created is turned into Good karma for anyone who learns Buddhism from this. It doesn’t absolve him of guilt, he still made the causes, but we can remember Odin Lloyd, Safio Furtado and Daniel D Abreau, and find the good in this terrible situation and use this to change Poison into Medicine. Maybe whoever spilled the Drink didn’t apologize to Aaron and didn’t show enough respect Something in Safio’s and Daniels Karma, contributed to them being in that situation.

Living in the Six Paths is living with your lesser self and is a selfish existence, though maybe not as shallow as The Four Evil Paths because you can function as a Human and experience the temporary Joy’s of Rapture, but still susceptible to external causes and unable to see the true nature of your Karma. Death one of the Big Four Sufferings, everyone experiences it and Nobody gets out alive, but it still hurts when we lose our family and friends, Everyone is going to die sometimes, still we struggle to find meaning why. Sometimes the cause is a bag of Bad Dope, or too much Dope, somebody nodded out at the wheel and caused an accident and their dead, another person under Forty Dead, somehow, they made the causes and they ended up dead, they are ultimately responsible. We can’t bring them back, playing the If Only game, If only I reached out, If only we talked to her, If only I picked her up, Nothing will bring them back and what happened is what happened. If only Wes Welker caught the ball, If The Patriots could have gotten ONE more first down, if the Defense could have had a big third down stop, History is History and you can’t change the past We just need to learn whatever lessons we can and build on it. Remembering your fallen Friends and Family, if you use any part of it as motivation then they are still with you, they might have met their end “prematurely” but by you thinking about them brings them back into existence, nobody’s physical form is going to last, and we want to be remembered and leave something. Remembering your homies and using those memories for your enlightenment, leads them to enlightenment too, your Karma has been hanging out forever.

This Lifetime is your chance to change your Karma if you can, chanting for others is good for them, but we can take so much more action and generate so much more good Karma. If your friends death is what led you into Rehab, then EVERY action you take thereafter is related with you getting into rehab, you can appreciate the fact your alive, when you turn your life around you owe a debt of gratitude to them and can help them change their Karma. It could just as easily be the other way around and Your Death led them into rehab, wouldn’t you want them to help change your Karma?

7 Learning: Voice Hearers & 8 Realization: Cause Awakened ones

Learning the first step into the Noble worlds, it’s the first step in thinking beyond working for yourself and wait for it…Learn about new things, about yourself and other people, you seek a mentor. Just because most people spend their Lives victim to the Six Paths doesn’t mean they can’t enter the Noble Worlds, the Noble worlds are ones where the Practitioner wants to know more. They want to know why is everything only temporary is and why things are the way they are, just the addition of learning to the Six paths gives you this Knowledge base, and can make Realizations based on what you have learned. That’s why Realization is the Eighth world, but the ninth World is That of Bodhisattva which means teacher, so People in the Seventh world are trying to Learn from Somebody in the Ninth world they are taking the action to teach. It could be teaching about anything.

The Nobel Worlds are closely related with Learning leading to Realizations and you Learn from a Bodhisattva, and when the time is right Buddhahood. People can experience ANY of the Ten Worlds at any time But to actively see out and Learn, and be able to use what you learn that is key. Growing up you just want to be done with school, Bakataro was a punk with some moderate hopes, confused, he didn’t take advantage of his education, you have to Make the Effort to learn and lift yourself out of the Delusion of the Six Paths, he didn’t care. Fully Opening your mind up into the Realm of Learning, about anything, not just Buddhism, but if your learning a Trade, Learning a playbook which is an athletes Trade, if you’re in college because you’re paying out the ass for it, it requires Work and Study, Practice and Study, and faith you will be able to make money with your trade. You need to Focus and Learn and put what you Learn into Practice, Learning and Realization, focused on learning skills to put into practice, without worrying about problems arising from the Six Paths. It’s is when sh*t Hits The Fan and you can use what you have realized, that wisdom you gain and Effortlessly handle what would make other people fall apart, That is enlightenment and Buddhahood, that effortless feeling.

These Ten Worlds of ours I keep just saying they are just states of consciousness. “Normal” progression in society, you can go to public High School until you graduate, around age 18 you have enough state mandated education to go out and survive. Todays Job market is so competitive you need more and more education to make it, and you need to be good at what you do or you will be replaced that will drive you back down into the Four Evil paths. Competition is fierce and it forces people to do things they wouldn’t normally do, Steroids for example, top class athletes want to keep their jobs, but Naturally, they AGE one of the Big 4 Sufferings, Athletes need to be grateful for every day they are out there. What Tom Brady is doing at Age 40 is amazing, Zdeno Chara another Physical Specimen, “Old Man Hockey” Jaromir Jagr, Tony Gonzalez, Those are all sure fire Hall Of Famers, they work hard and make the right causes in their lives. They might not have studied Buddhism, but the Practice and Study they put into their Craft, and Faith in their Abilities payed off and Shown on the field, and reflected in their Careers. Hockey and Football are the most Physically demanding sports and If they couldn’t keep up there are guys just over half their age ready to step up. Hall of Fame Players are the ones who were Buddhas in their Sport, they are “Clutch” The “Moment” isn’t too big for them, they “Dig Deep” within themselves and Rise to the Occasion.

Buddhahood is That moment of clarity, When the Triforce is assembled and you have the Wisdom, Courage and Power, when you need to perform into Erasing Bad Karma. Working to get rid of the Bad Karma you’ve accumulated over lifetimes and help others to get rid of their suffering too by sharing the LS, you are doing the work of a Buddha. The classic picture of a Buddhist is a monk in a robe in a monastery, and those classic monks only get as high Realization, they reach a degree of enlightenment and they are satisfied enough, but it only does them limited good, The Buddha preached for enlightenment of all. Monasteries have rules that make it impractical for everyone to Attain enlightenment, the LS is really simple, just study it, open your mind to Learning from a proper Coach like Dr.Daisaku Ikeda, He has studied the Gosho Letters of Nichiren Daishonin, who studied the LS intently. Daisaku Ikedas Coach was Actually Jose Toda, and his Coach was Tsunesaburu Makiguchi, we will get into Coaching Trees trust me.


World Nine Bodhisattva is a world of teaching, when you are teaching others about anything really, When you are investing in teaching something to somebody, and focused on that task, you in in the Mindset of Bodhisattva. A Mentor, a Teacher, a Coach!! A Parent wants to teach their children, A Master wants to pass on their Craft, Jesus Christ was a Bodhisattva, his Intent I feel was Buddhist. Buddhism was around before Christianity, and there are some “Lost” years of Jesus life where he Just Grows Up, it is plausible Jesus came across Buddhist scripture and was a Buddha, Lets look at Jesus the Bodhisattva, through the Lens of the LS you change Jesus Karma too. He Died for your collective Sins, your collective Karma Huh, huh?! He actually Dies for what he believed in, he was a martyr for a cause of enlightening the people, but that created problems from the Roman Government. Martin Luther King died for Standing up for others, Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy Massachusetts native, we will get to the Kennedys extensive Karma, but They all Did what they thought was best for the benefit of Mankind and got killed. The movements they created all continue today, even though their Physical forms aren’t here, they are still causing quite a stir in everyone’s Karma.

Bodhisattvas can teach to people, those who want to hear it, but its up to each individual to get the message. The message of the Lotus Sutra is the Key to enlightenment and should be the way to live at the most fundamental level, and working to get rid of the negative behavior in your Life, you will find you live a kind, compassionate life. If you are leading other to enlightenment, away from the Four Evil paths, and going above that and Elevating people beyond The Six paths, you are being a Bodhisattva, just think about what your state of mind has to be. If you are acting as a Bodhisattva, you are trying to help someone else, you encourage them to seek their own path, and grow on their own. In Boston we know the Value of the right coach, you as your own Vehicle of the Ten Worlds, have to find your own Coach, Look at the False Prophets in recent days, David Koresh, Jim Jones, Jeff Jefferies, Osama Bin Laden, Adolph Hitler, You need to see the truth and find the right Mentor to get behind.

Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, Buddha, all had messages of Hope for mankind, Buddha admitted what he had taught earlier in his life was wrong, and The LS was the True teaching for the people. I don’t know whole lot about Muhammed , I know he is a prophet, Jesus was a prophet maybe not the Son of God, the Koran has parts of The Old and New Testaments, It doesn’t seem very fair to women. I know a little about Ramadan and the split between sh*te and Sunni which just has to go with the fact: one; the Imams, or Islamic clerics have to be directly related to the actual Muhammed, one they don’t. They kill each other over this difference. They say terror groups like ISIS or Al Qaeda use just a few phrases of the Koran and twist them into justifying the violence they “Justice” they inflict. Something must be going wrong with the interpretation of the messages when the result is the opposite of what you are trying to do, Religions of Peace, create War, and it might be acceptable to Kill people or treat them as Sub-Human because of a few lines from a story. The Majority of followers of the Major Religions, are peaceful people, and it is Bad teachers who can poison the Hearts and Minds of the people and turn them astray, The LS says its never too late to change your Karma.

Having the right Coach or Teacher is Important, but its what YOU do with the information, its Your Job to think for yourself and make good causes and ease suffering, and that would be living a good life like Jesus or Buddha. They had to go seek some kind of teaching, so they could get ready for what they had to do, share their enlightenment for the betterment of Humanity. Boston has some of the Finest Institutions of Learning in the world, some of the Best Schools and Teachers, People come from All over the World to learn here. In fact some people bribe people to go to school here. It is really an International city, and “This is our f*cking Ceetee!” Players on a team don’t have much choice who their Coach is, unless they are a free agent and go to a team for the coach, (who has ever done that?) Wherever they go they should do what the Coach tells them to. BB has a Specific Coaching Philosophy, and that’s his foundation that he builds on, there are other coaches on the staff too, Offense, Defense, Every Group of “Backs”, Strength and Conditioning, Pliability, Lots of different Teachers, Lots of Information coming in. Each Player has to constantly, be in the Realm of Learning, while some are in the World of Bodhisattva, everyone is on the Same page, in their own way. If one person isn’t keeping up with the learning, BB always says he needs to Coach better , he needs to be a Better Bodhisattva, if one person isn’t keeping up, and things look “Out of Sync”, we as fans can see, and you know the Coaches can tell. If a Tackling coach doesn’t show the players proper form, or they don’t work on it, during Gameday, you see the players look sloppy. Or the Receivers are running the wrong routes, and you can tell by TB12’s body language the receiver made a mistake, oh well, just study more and get it right the next time. If the player isn’t learning, what can you do to help them learn? We just see mistakes on the field, we don’t know all the workings behind the scene, We demand success as fans, the Players want to win more than we do, they are committing their lives to be able to do it, its hard work.

The World Of Bodhisattva You are the Teacher, that raised Life Condition, you put yourself in when you are actively trying to teach somebody something, when are fully invested in teaching regardless of what is going on in your life. I’m Writing this in January 2018, It looks Like both the Offense and Defensive Coordinators Josh McDaniels, and Matt Patricia, respectively, are getting Head Coaching jobs after this season. Their Minds could easily be distracted because of what a new job means for their families and lives, it could be an Easy excuse to say, “I got a new Job I gotta start working on that, I have a lot to think about”, and not give it their all to Coaching and Preparing the Players for the game right now. You need to win the game RIGHT NOW, there might be good things on the horizon, but it would be a Dick move to be selfish and say “f*ck you” to your current responsibilities. Have you ever given two weeks’ notice when you quit a sh*tty job, you might want to smash sh*t up on the way out the door, but that stuff might follow you to your next job, Karma is a Bitch. We see sh*tty Coaches all over the place, teams just seem to be in a cycle of losing seasons, cycling through coaches draft picks, never seeming to change their losing ways, their Karma wink wink nudge nudge.

Terry Franconia, the manager of The Red Sox when they won in 2004 and again in 2007, the greatest manager we have ever seen, he helped change the Karma of the Sox. Claude Julien the Coach of the Boston Bruins when they won the Stanley Cup in 2012 and within a game of wining another one, the Winningest Coach in Bruins History. Both Men were let go for “Losing the Clubhouse/Locker room” They are Champion Coaches Did they all of a sudden not be able to Coach? Yes there is responsibility for them to coach, but also for the players to Learn and execute. There are lots of reasons why a team might not function, and for all the accumulated Karma and Causes of the players, their seasons come down to a couple runs here or goals there. A sports team is a business, a baseball coach is The Manager, but all Coaches are like a mid-level manager in this business, and its easier to fire one than to fire them all, the players are under contract and need a good Manager Coach, Mentor, to guide them.

It Takes Work to Stay in the Nobel Worlds, and again there are always things trying to drag you down Bodhisattva Quickie Ricky Pitino once said, “All the negativity in this town sucks!” Rick Sucked and Kicked The Celtics franchise in the balls, look at his Karma, These other guys have done something here, we had parades for them, they are experienced winners, so you have to put some responsibilities on the players too. After Firing Claude in the Middle of the Season, Arch-Rival to the B’s the Montreal Canadiens f*cking fire their Coach and sign Claude, the Canadiens were IN FIRST PLACE!! It speaks back to the old Bob Lobel quote “Why Can’t we get players like that.” Not Exactly but Boston has a history of letting players go and they get snatched up and do great Roger Clemens IK the HGH allegation, Wade Boggs, Joe Thornton the only player to be traded mid season and WIN MVP of their league, so many bad moves. Ill go into each team and their Karma, hence the Title “The Buddhism of Boston Sports”. Terry Franconia goes on to Manage the Cleveland Indians and gets them to within ONE INNING of winning the WS!

So it isn’t like these guys just Fell out of Bodhisattva, It is a business and its easier to get rid of one person than to fire an entire team, in your own jobs managers, supervisors need to produce weather its Wins on the field, or board level shielding, running a quality nursing home, It is easier for Upper Management to fire the Mid Manager if they aren’t producing, and If that’s You How can you Produce more. BB always asks how can I coach better? Some would say The Greatest Coach of All Time always looking at what he can do better, because that’s all you can do, is look at what your doing, If you have to Teach People, Teach Them, if you have to learn something, learn it, Only you can control your emotions and make decisions on what to do with your life. If you have to teach then you need to know what you are teaching, Do your Job and Learn so you can help others learn, if you honestly work from the heart it will show. These Coaches are still the Same Coaches, there are so many factors going into why they “Lose the Locker room”.

When Tito or Claude were Firing on all Cylinders their teams were “Buying In” and working as one, they were winning they look like Geniuses, like Buddhas. When the confetti’s is falling, and champagne is getting sprayed about, but times change and they lose it. Time just moves on and Jobs might run their course, Tito And Claude moved on and are doing quite well for themselves, they do the best they can do, the players have to do their job too. When The Coach is being received and the players buy in, new players see that and continue to buy in, and it organically spreads and becomes culture of the locker room. If a player is acting up and disruptive, they get cut, it sends a message on how to behave, and drives the culture too. In the World of Bodhisattva, you can have long reaching effects when it comes to changing Karma, what you teach, how you teach and how many people you reach. “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, Teach a man to fish and he eats for a Lifetime”

Buddhahood, Enlightenment and the Mutual Possession

The Tenth and Final World is that of Buddhahood and that feeling of enlightenment, as with any of the Ten Worlds it’s a state of mind, just a feeling of joy. Buddhahood is a true absolute happiness no matter what is going on. It is living as a Human being above the Six Paths having that Absolute Happiness, that nothing will bring you down. On the Six Paths, you are subject to external circ*mstances, Buddhahood, is not letting other stuff get to you, and having the Wisdom to see the Truth, see your Karma for what it is, The Courage to accept your Karma, and the Power to Change your Karma, Wisdom Courage and Power, the Triforce, Three Phases of the Game, Faith Practice and Study. Being a Buddha is Special, because it is Rare to be born a Human, but it’s not a special thing to do, anyone can do it, in fact you probably have experienced it in short amounts. People Spend most of their lives along the Six Paths, but the fact is they can experience any of the Ten Worlds at any given Moment, the Ten Worlds are not Random, your Karma determines what might be manifesting, but you can work to take control of Which Worlds you are feeling.

Each World has the possibility of manifesting any of the other nine, but there are Ten Factors that go along with WHAT you are experiencing. The Ten Factors are: 1) Appearance, 2) Nature, 3) Entity, 4) Power, 5) Influence, 6) Cause, 7) Relationship, 8) Effect, 9) Reward, 10) Consistency from beginning to end. The Ten Factors are different from the worlds, in that the Worlds are you are actually feeling, The Factors Have to Do with the actions you are actually taking, the things that are manifesting. When you are on the Heroin trap cycling on the Four Evil Paths, Your (1) Appearance reflects that, Your (7) Relationships and (5) Influence with people, The (6) Causes you make all are have to do with what world you’re in. The factors have a degree of effect and influence on you, and how you see the world, and Karma affects you.

The Ten Worlds are similar to Instagram Filters and you are constantly shooting the movie of your Life, and you want it to be Oscar Worthy. We know that we can see different light on different spectrums like Ultraviolet, Infrared, X-rays, we go through the different layers on Google Earth, right. Our Life Condition is the State of Consciousness, and the Filter we see out of is The Current World our mind is in, and it is like rotating Wheels of Filters the Ten worlds and within Each World are the Additional Wheels of the Ten Factors, so it is a kind of Krazy Kaleidoscope of emotions.

The Ten Worlds are somewhat Broad Ranges, and are an internal struggle that cover everything, the Ten Factors has to do with struggle because it can be a Physical Manifestation of Your Karma and things around you, they Factor into the Result that is your life condition. It is a Math Problem, The Mutual Possession of the Ten Worlds, or Three Thousand Realms in a single moment of life the concept of Ichinan Sanzen. It was a Chinese Buddhist Scholar T’ien T’ai who studied the LS and realized how the Ten Worlds work, If you are experiencing One World, the potential For any of the others to manifest depending on the Ten Factors. Ten worlds with the Potential for any of the others, 10 Worlds X 10 Worlds for 100 worlds, Times the 10 Factors, 10w*10w*10f= 1000 worlds, multiplied across The Three Realms of Existence.

10w*10w*10f*3E= 3000 Realms in a Single moment of life. Even though you only experience One Realm at a time, but every second there are 3000 possibilities, it might not seem like there are that many possibilities, but is how Complex the Tangled web of Karma that has been woven.

The Three Realms of existence are, One the Realm of the Five Components, your temporary body and shell is the First Realm, starts with you. The Second Realm of Existence, is the Realm of Living Beings, the other people around you. The Third realm is The Environment, everything else besides You 1st Realm, and Other People 2nd Realm. Karma you create spans across the Three Existences. If you are a Parent decisions you make effect your family, and the environment, and there is accumulated Karma in EVERYTHING, from You in the 1st, everyone ese in the 2nd and the rest of the world in the 3rd . Even if you are a “Loner” and try to do everything on your own, if we are existing in the same universe at the same time, we are sharing Karma, and are a part of each other’s realms.

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Chapter 2 The Ten Worlds (2024)


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